Dear Salvador and Adam, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We had the greatest day ever. Beyond all our expectations. We are so blessed and deeply grateful for everything. Thank you for making all this possible together with a great team. As our Spanish is not soooo fluent we kindly ask you to express our gratefulness and to all supplier. They all made this possible!
— Christian and Valérie
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I didn’t know what the point of a Wedding Planner was until we decided to get married and didn’t know where to start.. overwhelmed with decisions, nerves, details that you can’t control... We were lucky to have Salvador. He made things easy, he guided us in making the right decisions, taking away all the worry and stress. With him the journey was a joy! Our best wedding gift was The Perfect Day, a day we will always keep in our hearts.
— Xavi and Nere
newly weds sitges
“It was an obvious choice working with Salvador and Adam. We had met with several planners, but what was missing was the chemistry that we found with these guys. It´s been a wonderful jorney with lots of laughs,and they are without a doubt a life saver when planning a wedding”
— Eneida and Aske
newly weds barcelona
Salva, thanks for everything! We are super happy! Everything was perfect !! You are great! Thank you for always being so helpful and not just for the wedding day, but throughout we´ve been together!
— Josep and Cecelia
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To me Salva was more than just his professionalism and his work, the most important was the chemistry.

Salva was the first wedding planner I visited - and with whom I stayed. At all times he was master of all the details and there was’t a single hitch. Everything was great and I shall always remember that perfect day with him.

All meetings before the wedding day were special and he brought all my happiness for that day. I felt radiant, even though it was raining.

Everyone was delighted - because he’s great. And I’ve got a lifelong friend. Thanks Salvador.
— Jose and Luisa
wedding barcelona
A year and half ago we celebrated our wedding, and thanks to Salva everything was perfect. We didn’t have to worry about anything because he had everything under control at all times and was always looking after us.

During the wedding all our preferences and requests were clearly observed at all times and we felt we did not bear responsibility for anything: everything was in Salva’s hands and he managed perfectly!
— Ivan and Saray
newly weds tarragona
“Salvador made planning a wedding overseas a breeze! We could no have asked a better planner leading up the wedding or a better team to execute everything.Salvador spent a lot of time getting to know our tastes were, what we envisioned for our wedding, and he absolutely nailed it! He paid for his fees so many times over with the negotiations and ideas he came up with. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to Salvador, Adam and Barcelona. We loved both Salvador and Adam. I trust these two immensely and would recommend them to anyone getting married in or near barcelona.They were truly a pleasure to get to know and work with and are the best at what they do!”
— Katie and Chris
traditional wedding barcelona
He made our wedding a magical and unforgettable moment, did not miss out any details, the guests were delighted, and we didn’t have to worry about anything, He was always there! He is a great professional, we love him
— Joaquin and Elisabet
gay wedding barcelona
Things could not be better, but I have to thank you, Salva, for the incredible organisation and advice!

We know it’s your job but there are many ways to work and you became so very involved that we didn’t have to worry about anything, and that is great on a such an important day!!

I would give you 10 out of 10 not only for making it a perfect day, but also for being a great person!!
— Laura and Jenny
beautiful wedding barcelona
We had the wedding of our dreams and it would not have been possible without Salva´s help. As professional a person as they come, giving 100% to all brides and grooms, to fulfill their wishes. Certainly if I remarried, I would choose him. Not only that, but as would all my guests: they would compliment Salva’s great work: it’s priceless.Millions of thanks for making possible the wedding of our dreams!!
— Ramon and Ornella
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I wanted to share the good experiences of my wedding day with you, and say what caught the attention of the guests and the couple was ... the GREAT Salvador ... Thanks for doing your job well, but also by do it with enthusiasm and joy!
— Albert and Vanessa