Salvador Costa

Energetic, charismatic, infinitely creative and original... Salvador shines from the moment you meet him. His demeanor, one of quiet confidence, exudes peace and tranquility. The way he listens and interacts, his distinctive style, his empathy - all present in every detail of his work. He is one step ahead of you when it comes to perceiving and providing for your needs: a happy couple, a happy Salvador.

His professional career, a life in hospitality, began with a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism from a noted Barcelona college, Escola de Restauracio i Hostelatge de Barcelona. He further complimented his academic studies with professional training and experience in London.

His wanderlust, his yearning to sample different cultures, has led him to live and work in Paris, New York and London.

Adam Mason (Co-Owner)

Adam forms the backbone of Salvador´s enterprise and the service he provides.

Educated at an independent public school in England and after successful experience in the City of London, this Englishman has brought his expertise to and settled in Barcelona.